What I’m Wearing This Week

What I’m Wearing This Week

Hello readers, Dr. Scheff here.  I thought it would be fun to periodically share with you all my honest opinions on the great products we offer in our office.  After all, if I am making recommendations to my patients, testing things out gives me a better understanding of what I’m recommending.  Lets get started…


With temperatures heating up and pools starting to open, this is the perfect time to tell you about my current pair of sunglasses.  These are Count by Dragon Alliance.  Without any doubt, the best feature of these sunglasses is that THEY FLOAT! count_jet_sky_blue_ion_3_4 You read that right, they float.  The company that makes NIKE glasses is the brains behind these.  Not only are these shades polarized, they offer 100% UV protection.  I’ve never been a fan of sunglasses that are too heavy, so a pair as lightweight as these are exactly what I like.  I really like the Dragon Alliance brand as a whole after learning more about them.  Their products appeal to people looking for great style that also offers everyday function.  You can check out all the things they are up to on their Instagram page @dragonalliance.

 Anti-fatigue Glasses

Whenever I’m spending more than 5-10 minutes working on my laptop, tablet, or even reading a book or journal articles, I make sure I’m using my anti-fatigue glasses.  I’m actually wearing them as I write this blog post.  The frames are a half-rimless design by WIRED.  The real benefit is from the lenses I have in the frame.  The prescription is customized to give me crisp, clear vision for my computer [or tablet/book/phone], while also relaxing my focusing system to prevent any eye strain.  Additionally, my lenses have TheraBlue built into them, which protects my eyes from harmful types of light. (To learn more about TheraBlue, you can read my post about reducing digital eyestrain and fatigue from harmful blue light).  I highly recommend everybody have some form of anti-fatigue glasses, even people that are wearing contact lenses.

Contact Lenses

Since I’m not an every day contact lens wearer, I’m going to tell you about the contacts that my wife Sarah is wearing.  Quick history about Sarah’s contact lens experience in the past (because I think many of you can relate to it).  She was wearing a monthly replacement lens that she would remove before bed each night and store in a case with solution.  The vision was always alright, but in the winter her contacts started feeling dry after a few hours, and in the spring she avoided wearing them due to allergies.  Sound familiar?
Now, Sarah wears the Acuvue Oasys 1-Day with HydraLuxe.  These lenses are daily disposable, which means every day is a fresh new lens.  She didn’t have any problems wearing the lenses 13+ hours this past winter, and she has been comfortably wearing them since the start of the spring season.  An added bonus with these lenses is that they are actually block a small amount of UV light.

I hope you enjoyed learning about what I have been wearing to improve my vision, comfort, and protection for my eyes.  If you haven’t had an eye exam within the past year, I encourage you to schedule one.  There’s more to vision than just seeing 20/20.

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