Our mission is caring for your vision

Why RPV?

Roland Park Vision has proudly served the Baltimore metropolitan area since 1984, providing each individual patient with customized eye care. Our optometrists ensure patients are receiving the best eye care by practicing their fullest scope. RPV’s full service optical and in-house lab puts the cherry on top of your visit. You can trust that your glasses are being made by experienced professionals with you as a patient in mind.


One stop shop optometry

Regular visits to your eye doctor help guarantee healthy and normal vision — regardless of how perfect one’s vision is.

Early diagnosis and treatment are important for maintaining good vision and when possible, preventing permanent vision loss.

Many eye diseases do not cause symptoms early on, so they often go undetected until the problem becomes more advanced.

If you suffer from dry eyes we can help. Schedule a dry eye evaluation with our doctors so they can help identify why you are suffering from dry eyes and develop a treatment plan.

Whether you are a seasoned contact lens wearer or are looking to try an alternative to glasses, our doctors will ensure that you are fit with the best possible lens for you.

We are here to help you in selecting the perfect frame and lens combination. We also handle repairs and adjustments, as well as filling outside prescriptions.

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Our mission is caring for your vision