July 4th Firework & Sparkler Eye Safety

July 4th Firework & Sparkler Eye Safety

Ahhhh, Fourth of July! Cookouts, swimming, family, friends, and of course…fireworks! It’s hard to imagine July 4th without including fireworks, which is why it is so important that we enjoy them in a safe way. We’ve compiled a short list of safety tips to make sure everybody has a happy and safe July 4th.

Firework Safety Tips:

  • Always stand at least 500 feet away from where the fireworks are being set off.
  • Unless you are a pyrotechnic engineer, don’t light off fireworks. Let’s leave this up to the professionals.body-parts-fireworks-2015-262x443
  • Consumer fireworks (bottle rockets, roman candles,sparklers, firecrackers, fountain fireworks, and spinners) were responsible for roughly 30 percent of firework-related over the last decade.
  • Bottle rockets pose the biggest threat because there is no way to predict their flight pattern, putting everybody nearby in danger.

Sparkler Safety Tips:

  • Only light one sparkler at a time.
  • Keep sparklers at full arm’s length.
  • Never wave sparklers or run around while holding them.
  • Never throw a sparkler.
If you experience an eye injury in a firework-related accident, seek immediate medical attention.
  1. Do not rub the injured eye.
  2. Do not attempt to rinse out the injured eye.
  3. Do not apply pressure to the eye itself.
  4. Do not stop for medicine.
  5. Do not apply ointment to the injured eye.

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