Be My Eyes – How You Can Help Blind People See

Be My Eyes – How You Can Help Blind People See

Vision is arguably the most important of our five senses. Imagine how challenging your life would become if your vision was taken away. It’s a very scary thought, but for the 39 million people around the world that are blind, this is a reality.

A little bit of help goes a long way with blind and visually impaired individuals. There is an app out called Be My Eyes, that connects people who can see, with people who cannot. The app works by establishing a video call between the people. The person that can see is then able to get a first-person view at what the blind person is looking at and describe it to them while answering any questions.


Be My Eyes even gives you complete control of when you are available to be contacted. The app also allows you to list any additional languages you are fluent in so you can help non-english speaking people as well.

If you find yourself sitting at home with some down time, download the app and lend your eyes to the blind.

Source: Be My Eyes

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